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Current Borrowers

THRESHOLD LOAN Construction Draws

If you are a current borrower and you are prepared to request a construction draw, please complete the draw request form. Your request will be submitted to Alexandrea Romero and Bill Dolan. We will reach out to schedule a time to visit the property and inspect the completed renovations. Once confirmed, we will complete the request and submit for payment.

We ask that you please plan to allow up to 14 days for the process and payment to be completed. All requests will be reviewed and processed as they are received.

If you have questions regarding your draw balance, deadlines, or requests, please contact our Operations Manager, Alexandrea Romero.

Rent and Income Limits

Ventana Fund is committed to financing affordable housing in low-income communities, underserved by traditional financial institutions.  To fulfill our mission, our loans implement both rent and income limits. Please review the limits for the county in which your property is located.

Final Rent and Income Limits

Effective May 2024 - May 2025

Rent Roll and Income Certification Requirements

Per Ventana Fund’s loan agreement, borrowers are required to submit a monthly rent roll during their interest-only period and annually following their interest-only period. Borrowers are also required to submit an income certification for all new residents (beginning the date you purchased the property). The rent restrictions that apply to the property are listed in Section 3.a of the Loan Agreement. The income restrictions are listed in Section 3.b. The restrictions are identified by county and can also be found on the rent and income limit document.

Final Rent Roll

Income Certification