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Wages in New Mexico Flatline, Employment Sees Uptick

New Mexico can’t seem to break $40,000 in median annual pay. That figure has remained static since the end of last year, according to ADP Pay Insights.

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While New Mexico’s wages remain stagnant, change may be on the horizon pending a new overtime rule by the Department of Labor which would expand overtime pay protections.

ADP Pay Insights is based on payroll data from tracking pay changes for about 17 million jobs over a 12-month period. That tracking results in roughly 10 million individual pay change observations each month, which is then used to create the report.

“Pay Insights covers both salary and wage workers. Salary workers make up about 39 percent of our sample; wage workers about 61 percent,” according to the report.

While pay is flat in New Mexico, employment saw a slight rise. Between March 2023 and 2024, the number of people employed in the state increased by 15,700 people to a total of 885,200, an increase of 1.8% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics recent report on employment and unemployment in the country.

The March 2024 rate of 3.8% was a slight drop from 3.9% in February 2024, but an increase from 3.6% in March 2023, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Source: “Wages in New Mexico Flatline, Employment Sees Uptick